Course Content

List of Procedures

Shoulder & Humerus

  • Arthroscopic Portholes in the Shoulder
  • Deltopectoral Approach
  • Anterolateral Approach to the Humerus
  • Posterior Approach to the Shoulder
  • Posterior Approach to the Humerus


Elbow & Forearm

  • Posterior Approach to the Elbow
  • Lateral Approach to the Elbow
  • Medial Approcah to the Elbow
  • Volar Approach to the Radius
  • Posterior Approach to the Radius
  • Compartment Release Forearm


Wrist & Hand

  • Dorsal Approach to the Wrist
  • Carpel Tunnel Release
  • Flexor Tendon Exposure
  • Extensor Tendon Exposure


Hip & Pelvis

  • Anterior (Smith-Peterson) Approach
  • Direct Lateral (Modified Hardinge) Approach
  • Posterior (Southern) Approach to Hip
  • Posterior (Kocher-Langenbeck Approach to Acetabulum
  • Illeo-Inguinal Approach



  • Medial Parapatellar Approach
  • Lateral Approach
  • Posterios Approach and Dissection of Popliteal Fossa
  • Compartment Release of Leg


Foot and Ankle

  • Anterior Ankle Approach
  • Posterolateral Approach
  • Anterolateral Approach
  • Arthroscopic Portholes of Ankle

Recommended Reading

  • Surgical Exposures in Orthopaedics - Anatomic Approach (4th Ed) by Hoppenfield, de Boer & Buckley
  • Atlas of Human Anatomy 25th Ed By F H Netter
  • Relevant Surgical Exposures - Master techniques in Orthopaedics By Morrey & Morrey